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10/23/20 at 16:20:23
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This site was HACKED - here are the details (Read 62031 times)
YaBB Administrator
YaBB Administrator


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This site was HACKED - here are the details
11/06/07 at 18:34:31
Hello all.
NEW INFO: Due to ongoing "problems" (possible other hacks) we were forced to dump the membership database... so depending on when you signed up you may have to re-up your registration - SORRY! (That is why many of the posts are by an Ex Member)
Well, my little earthlink sucks site must have annoyed the wrong person or people. Last Sat Nov 3rd this site was apparently hacked.   Angry  Almost all the membership files and postes were deleted... along with the back up files. I am getting no help from my webhosting company (I wonder if they are owned by EL??!!). I am working to restore all the files I can but you may have to sign up again.
Well, this incident will not stop the effort of letting others know about what they are getting into when they sign up for earthlink.
SO PEOPLE... KEEP YOUR STORIES COMING... and if you have the energy and do not see your post(s) please re-post!
I will no longer trust anything/anyone online to back up my forums...

My appologies and thank you.
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