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09/19/20 at 07:10:53
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Pure Insanity (Read 1064 times)

Yakity yak....

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Pure Insanity
06/03/09 at 11:00:32
My wife had been with EL since 1995 and she was bound and determined to hold on to her mindpsring e-mail address when I forced her to transition from intolerable dial-up to DSL.  Once the transition was made things hummed along fine for a couple of years with not a single issue.  Over the last 8 or 9 months the ACT light on my DSL modem would go out and I would have to unplug the LAN connection and power the modem down and all would come back fine in a few minutes.  It was a minor annoyance at worst.  Five days ago thing took a dramatic turn for the worse.  Late in the evening we found that we were not able to access the internet, so I ran upstairs to reset the modem and found the DSL light on the modem had gone dark.  I figured this was an outage and I would just call support to verify as they use to have recordings when certain areas were affected.  I should have know this was the turning point to the road to insanity when a technician named Greg Smith answered and sounded like Apu from the Simpson.  It was so obvious he was reading from a script and it was painful.  I figured I would play along and we got to a point where he asked me to take the filter off the DSL modem and plug it directly into the wall.  Not thinking, I did this and quickly realized I had just disconnected the base of the phone and had disconnected myself.  Shame on me for being brain dead, so here we go with round 2 with Fred Johnson from Calcutta.  It's like ground hog day over and over.  Is the modem near anything electrical?  Do you have another phone jack?  Can you go outside and check your NID?  It's was so frustrating, but I decided I would play along as coming from an IT background I know that sometimes it's the simple stuff.  Within 20 minutes I was sitting in a dark room with a 4 foot phone cable hooked to the modem and a 4 foot CAT 5 cable hooked to my Mac Book and geez.... It still was not working.  I'm surprised he did not make me step out of the room with the phone and yell in to eliminate the phone as a variable.  Finally he said he would call the "VENDOR" which I assume is AT&T.  Three hours later he called me back and said there was an outage and it would be 24 hours.  Well 36 hours went by and nothing but an angry wife.  Called again and they said multiple times the would send a technician out.  Never happened.  I finally figured I wold try the chat support and boy that was even more fun with the cut and paste awkward greetings and useless answers.  Next call was almost at mid-night to tell us a technician was coming.  This kept my wife pacing until 1 AM putting the dog in a state of terror. Finally work forced me to travel and my wife took over.  She tried every number and phone option and could not get around the Bombay blockade.  Arriving home from my trip, I found my wife in a crumple mass on the couch explaining that we now have AT&T DSL at twice the speed for the same price, but I have to wait a week and work off my air card for work.  Oh Joy, downloading a GB of data at 50k!  I hope and pray that AT&T works out because my only other option is Comcast and I know I would just end up on the comcastsucks.com forum after a few weeks with those turkey.  It is sad when companies want to collect money from you and not provide any value at all.  I'm sure that the future looks about as bright as the future of the Dodo bird for good ole EL.
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