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09/20/20 at 21:29:13
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what else? it sucks! (Read 806 times)
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what else? it sucks!
06/02/09 at 21:35:16
SIGH!  I am on this website after almost blowing a fuse on the phone with earthlink! I actually did a search on "earthlink's service sucks"  and found this site.  My daughter thought it was hilarious! I would have thought that too if I wasn't so aggravated.  I thought it was Verizon, because the DSL line is theirs, and they also suck, but it could be a combination of two sucky companies giving me a headache.  I am using dial up tonite after years on DSL because, guess what? yes, it is not working.  I am not sure when this problem might have started, because I noticed it Sunday.  Earthlink blames Verizon and Verizon blames Earthlink.   I want to cancel the service and claim breach of contract or something, but they really get you with the automated payments crap.  If you switch to getting invoices instead, they charge you 2 bucks for a monthly bill plus some other fees that I can't remember.  How is this legal?  I switched in Sept from Verizon because I had fond memories of Earthlink with my first Mac, but boy! this company has gone to the pits!  This is not the Earthlink I dealt with over 10 years ago.  How can they advertise award winning service?  when was this award, 20 years ago?  Someone help me out of this crappy mutated company!
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