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10/26/20 at 04:37:40
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For 2 months I paid $400 a month for Earthlink DSL (Read 912 times)

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For 2 months I paid $400 a month for Earthlink DSL
05/16/09 at 14:53:19
We are a small business and speed is important to us.  We are running a brand new server with brand new Dell workstations.  All top of the line and nothing is under a year old at this point.  Since cable DSL was not available we went with phone company DSL.  I was spoiled with cable DSL so I searched for something better.  I came across Earthlink and called them.  The salesperson talked me into the business DSL - their highest ranking service where the pages will come up immediately in lightning speed.
Light speed?  About 90 seconds to load a page.  Sometimes 2-3 minutes.
So I called them and they told me it must be my computers.  I told them that was impossible.  They told me a tech would call back.
A month went by and getting tired of the situation we hired an IT company to come in.  
The first thing they did was simply switch us back to Verizon.  WOW!  I feel like I have cable DSL compared to Earthlink's $400.00 a month lightning speed service.
So we did nothing to the system except switch and it is much faster.
Earthlink had me sign up for a year with a 30 day trial.  Their offices did not return my calls ON PURPOSE.
Well they can stick their bill up their !*!*@.  And guess what?  I want the monthly fees I paid back too.  They totally misrepresented their service and some nerve to charge $400 a month for it.
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