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10/26/20 at 04:47:55
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Decommissioned servers without notice! (Read 977 times)

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Decommissioned servers without notice!
04/16/09 at 01:55:21
Here is the (edited for space and privacy) e-mail I sent to the CEO of Earthlink two days ago.  Still no reply.
Dear Mr. Huff,
I understand how busy a senior manager can be so am dividing this note into an executive summary and the full story.  I request your urgent attention.
More than one month ago, Earthlink decommissioned some servers.
One of these servers hosted my domain, phineus.com.  (I was once told always to mention "the old Pasadena servers."
No notice was given.
Phineus.com, which I rely on for e-mail, was shut down without warning.
Earthlink refused to bring phineus.com back on line unless I entered into a new long-term contract.
I arranged for phineus.com to be hosted elsewhere.
I have spoken to customer service at least three times.
The last time, someone was to contact me to sort this out by the following day.  I heard nothing.  But at least they had given me this email address.
I am still being direct debited for the service that was peremptorily disconnected more than a month ago.
Please arrange for that to stop, and for the past two months to be credited.
Long version, with questions:
I have been an Earthlink customer since you bought Mindspring. In this day of free email, cheap hosting, and better interfaces, I have opted to stick with Earthlink for a cost of about $16 per month.  ($4.95 for hosting phineus.com and $10 or so for Earthlink experience.)  I may not be your most profitable account, but surely $180 per year times 15 years beats most of your lifetime value calculations?
How can you possibly have decided to decommission servers without giving notice?  How can you have shut down domains -- and then refused to put them back online without requiring a new long-term contract?  That is holding me hostage.
How can customer service over and over again -- until the last person, who shockingly actually apologized on your behalf -- act like robots following scripts?
Could you explain how service and billing seem to be so disconnected?  Discontinue the service but continue the billing is not a business model I've ever known to succeed.
I would like the following, as fast as you can possibly act:
Apologize, profusely.
Explain why no notice was given.  Don't spare me the details.
Stop the direct debit to my bank account.
Credit that same bank account two months of fees.
Thank you.
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