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03/29/20 at 05:49:59
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Yakity yak....

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03/16/09 at 14:39:34
On Sat 3-14-09 approx 8:00 am my piece of c--p earthlink went down and I have 2 businesses with websites, that how we earn our living and make money. I knew after a few minutes of checking a couple of things that Iwas going to have to make that dreaded call to "AKMED TED" in india tech support. EARTHLINK advertises tech support 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, yeah right. So I called and got "AKMED TED" on the line and told what was wrong, he wanted to know if I had a phone outage in the last 1 to 24 hrs. I told him I didn't know because I was sleeping and didn't get up in the middle of the night and ck my phones to see if they were working. Every one of these so-called tech people all have really american sounding names like Jim, John or Ted. He had me run this test that reconfig. Nothing would work so he gave me a ticket # and said to call back in 24-48 hours?? He said they would be trying to fix whatever it might be?? So on sunday mornign I called (24 hrs later) and they seemed annoyed that I called back so soon. The new "AKMED TED" said to call again in 24 hours, I asked him if I should call Qwest to see if the in fact did have some sort of outage on Sat am, he said no don't do that, they would call for me. After I hung up I called Qwest and spoke to them and asked if they had an outage during that time period and they said YES they did. The qwest person ran some internal testing and was able to find that the EARTHLINK modem needed to be reconfigured. I called EARTHLINK back and asked to speak to a supervisor and the person I spoke to didn't want to transfer me until I gave him substantial info concerning my request. I was finally transferred to JAMES and he wouldn't speak to me because he said that the earthlink computers were down?? He stated he would call back in 1 hour after he looked into the issue. He called me back and was apologizing for the crappy service and substandard product they offered. I asked him why they advertised 24hr-7 days a week tech support if they really don't have that service and he wouldn't answer. I finally was able to tell him what the qwest person had found and he was hesitant to da another reconfig?? But we went ahead and did and guess what it worked!!! Internet was functioning and everything was working.  I think this company is substandard, poor service, poor communications with customer due to the language barrier. Just a really shoddy product from top to bottom. I can't wait to make the change.      
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