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03/28/20 at 01:54:01
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How to Slowly Bleed a Company to Death (Read 604 times)

Yakity yak....

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How to Slowly Bleed a Company to Death
02/06/09 at 19:33:40
So, it's come to this Earthlink.....   Three hours on the phone with you going from department to department, being given a "direct" number to advanced technical help only to find the number is the same 888 number I originally dialed.   Are you trying to commit a slow kind of commercial suicide, Earthlink?  Do you EVER review the recordings of the customer service calls where they hang up or lie or ask you to repeat a story just to tell you that they can't help you because they are the Windows department and you have a Mac?
Being told that magically, mystically, my AirPort Extreme Base Station is not supported by Earthlink DSL after almost 4 years of mostly flawless service (more on that later), insults my intelligence.  Not that most of the worker bees, reading the scripts and wasting my time in your Hyderabad call center/work prison, display much of that.   I was even willing to humor the clueless techies and connect a spare laptop directly to my modem, but when difficulties arose, and the script couldn't help anymore, i was hung up on upon transfer to the Shangra-la known as the "advanced" technical department.
My problem was simple and had occurred previously just last year around October.   (I had the 6MB service with phone)   However, while that situation "only" lasted three days and I talked to a competent technical support technician who immediately informed me that the problem was a network one (she's probably been fired by now, with the work ethic you encourage),  this time around no satisfaction was to be found.   Starting last week, page loads started to slow and watching tv shows online would sometimes sputter or pixelate.   For normal webpages I could see that the lookup of a website was taking abnormally long - 5-10 seconds was the average but then the data would load in a typical high speed manner.   The problem is that many sites load from MULTIPLE urls and therefore some pages took as long as 30 seconds to load.    
That was only the beginning.   From 1/26 to 2/5 when I switched to cable, the connection got progressively "flakey" and slower.   By the end of last week, I could no longer watch any shows.   And then some websites, like CNN would load okay, but others like Travelocity would hang forever.   It was an eternity to wait for the cable company, or a seeming one, but I finally had the grand satisfaction of calling Earthlink/Knoah and cancelling my service.
After waiting for 20 minutes.  Seriously?   SERIOUSLY??   And you would think that finally you would be gifted wih that rarest of experiences, a customer service representative in AMERICA or at least some English speaking part of the world.    Nope.   Just a better English speaker, that's all.   Still reading from a script.   At least they were quick to put my account to rest.   Within a minute or two of hanging up, my Earthlink email addresses were no longer valid as evidenced by my Mail program icon bouncing up and down.  Apparently this relationship was as bad for them as for me.   Earthlink, I wish you all the best in destroying the rest of your business and hope for a speedy demise since that is most clearly that for which you strive.
I just ...... couldn't........ take it anymore.    The love is gone.
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