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05/30/20 at 02:36:40
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This has to top them ALL (Read 844 times)

Yakity yak....

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This has to top them ALL
01/23/09 at 23:18:59
Maybe Earthlink is trying to go out of business.  Angry
I have been a loyal supportive Earthlink customer  
for going on 5 years now. When I upgraded to DSL
it was great and once upon a time Earthlink had
really helpful techs. I understand sometimes you
have to wait, and their dialects do not interfere
with my comprehension.
In Late 2008 , my DSL stopped functioning, after
speaking to an Earthlink tech, I was informed that
I needed a new DSL, it would be $79.99 OR if I  
agreed to remain with Earthlink for another year
it would be just $20 for shipping.  
Okay, I got the box in like a day, no kidding,
I hooked it up and voila, NOTHING. no DSL.
After a week Earthlink had a phone repair man
over who looked at my hookup and said it was
fine. But still no DSL, then THE PHONE REPAIR GUY
asked me if I had recently"bought a new phone"
I replied I did.  
He asked if I had a DSL filter on it? After a quick check.
I didn't. After putting the DSL filter on, WHAM
my DSL was working fine and it only cost me
That was November.
Late December on the 27th, my email took a dump.
I called Earthlink and they told me it was because  
I had cancelled my account.
So they charged me $79.99 for cancelling on my  
one year agreement AND $79.99 for a new account.
( another call had the fees waved ... but why all the drama ?)
Only thing is my DSL was working the whole time
but I made the mistake of telling them this on Jan 2.
Jan 3rd my replacement DSL stopped working.  
And hasn't worked since.(neither does the old one)
For the last 23 days , I have called Earthlink 2 times a day
asking when my service will be restored . They promise me
it will be on at the end of everyday. ALL LIES.
Their first lie was the 6th of January. Nope.
On the 9th ,I was told it would be working for certain on the 15th ... it wasn't
Then I was guaranteed the 16th...nope.
Then I was told to remain at home from 9am to 9pm (that's 12 hours)
on Jan 21,to wait for a service person that never arrived.

Today(1/23/08) I was told to wait from 9am-1pm
for the service man, that was then extended to 5pm
Then was told when I make my  now customery service
 call that no one is coming to my house.
That's two whole days out of my life I spent holding
myself hostage for a repair person that EARTHLINK
The last thing I was told was it will; DEFINITELY be  
taken care of on Jan 26 ...that's Monday. And that
I can use 20 hours of dial up.  20 HOURS ???
wow ... such generosity. F.U.
well we'll see wjhat happens monday, and  
I really want to come back with good news.
But I doubt it
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Re: This has to top them ALL
Reply #1 - 01/24/09 at 00:52:24
Good luck,
Save all your dialogue, notes etc and send them to your attorney generals office and the FCC complaint center if you do not get satisfaction...
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