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06/01/20 at 18:16:19
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Why Earthlink tech sucks (Read 931 times)

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Why Earthlink tech sucks
01/10/09 at 20:45:49
A buddy of mine worked for Mindspring which was later bought by Earthlink, so he was with them for about 15 years.   Mindspring was a terrific company with the best ranking ISP service on the net.  Earthlink changed that.  Here's how.
1st off, they added incentives.  Basically if customer service can get you to sign up for ANYTHING, that person gets a bonus.  If it turns out that you don't want it, didn't order or if there is a problem with it, they still keep the bonus.  No matter what.  It is in their best interest to cheat you as much as possible.  When DSL was new there was a huge problem with Earthlink reps signing people up in places that couldn't get DSL.  They would start billing you for service that was impossible to obtain.  All those reps kept the juicy bonuses for that.
Secondly, any customer support person who removes too many additional services can be fired.  So if agent A adds an anti virus plan that you didn't want then agent B isn't going to want to remove it.  So they pass the buck.
3rd, they keep the people who make the most bonuses.  Simultaneously they either fire or transfer people who have been there long enough to ask for a raise.   So you're left with a bunch of lying cheating jerks who haven't even been around long enough to do their job correctly.
Worst of all, they took this philosophy to India with them.   Except the India call centers have a huge turn-over rate due to a horrible work environment coupled with low pay and no chance of a raise.   The workers at the India call centers are miserable.  Their best bet at making a living is to cheat the customer but then they spend most of their time dealing with people who were already screwed over.  It's a really sick cycle.    
My buddy came back from training call centers in India and quit.  It was too much.  The reps there see every caller as an enemy.  They do whatever they can to make the call as miserable as possible.  Including changing  or downgrading service or adding unwanted "extras."  He was shocked to see two tech support reps high-fiving each other after one of them had spent 5 minutes yelling at a customer who was moving their mouse during a remote fix.  Especially when the tech admitted that the mouse hadn't been moved at all.  This is India, where it is less culturally accepted to be rude.   So the fact that these two were so proud of themselves for attacking a customer was very eye-opening.  
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Re: Why Earthlink tech sucks
Reply #1 - 01/10/09 at 23:24:14
Awesome stuff from the inside, thank you. I think It is only a matter of time before a class action lawsuit is filed against them AGAIN... I wish I had the energy..
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