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03/29/20 at 06:10:21
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Earthlink, ATT and slower DSL (Read 724 times)

Yakity yak....

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Earthlink, ATT and slower DSL
08/25/08 at 16:38:38
OK, so here are my issues.  
First, Earthlink still has the same stalling issue they had back in 1996 when I had my first account with them and it was all dial-up. WTF?! I can see that kind of thing on a modem-to-modem connection at 28.8, but DSL?  
AT&T, ie the Deathstar, is now peddling their own digital TV service along with an Internet package. Sure the TV service is cheaper than Dish, but to get the connection to the 'net is only through the AT&T, which uses ya-freakin'-hoo for e-mail filtering. That means Spam-o-rama. Buying a separate connection negates any pricing advantage. For all the free market of telecom/IP, there isn't much in the way of competitive alacarte pricing.
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