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03/29/20 at 05:01:05
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Seven lousy cents! Typical of EL service (Read 823 times)

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Seven lousy cents! Typical of EL service
07/28/08 at 08:24:00
Earthlink DSL was requested for my home in May 2008. Earthlink authorized the contract and activated my DSL account. However, DSL was NOT available at my residence. After several phone calls and work tickets, Earthlink could not resolve the issue. So after three weeks of no service I canceled my account. Earthlink offered their dial up service for one month free as a consolation. I tried it for two weeks. During the free dial up trial period, Earthlink charged me $150.02 for the DSL modem and continued to charge me for other services associated with the inactive DSL account. When I discovered this I canceled all Earthlink services and returned the Earthlink modem and materials for the DSL. Earthlink eventually credited me for the account charges but would not return the full amount for the modem. I was told in late July by a representative that "the system will not allow the $150.02. All I can return is $149.95." A supervisor was consulted and the response was the same. After several weeks of phone calls and complaints, the end result was Earthlink keeping $.07 of a contract that was never met.
Seven cents is not a big deal at face value but how many other people have accepted this billing practice of being short changed because of "the system"? So as a consumer who was charged for a service that was unavailable, never received any satisfactory responses, and was dealing with a company that has multiple complaints against it for just such practices, I thought it warranted a complaint with the BBB in Atlanta.
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