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03/29/20 at 05:54:17
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Also lied to by earthlink customer service (Read 713 times)

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Also lied to by earthlink customer service
07/19/08 at 22:26:43
We were earthlink customers for approx. 10 years.  Recently, our DSL suddenly stopped working.  Throughout the years, and particularly in the last 5 or so, earthlinks service has gotten progressively worse.  When i contacted customer support, i was assigned a support agent whose English was so awful, he literally could not be understood.  But when i asked him to transfer me to a different agent, he told me i had to just hang up, call back, and hope i got someone else... right...whatever, SO i did my best to understand him, and i was taken through the normal bullshit fixes, before being told about 20 minutes into the process that there was, "an outage in my location."  I thought this sounded odd, but did what the guy suggested, (wait 24 hours and try again). You have to keep in mind this is after the guy had basically blamed the problem on me, asking me had i been messing with settings.  When i told him my computer had been in repair the past few weeks and I had only just gotten it back, he told me, "They didnt do a very good job repairing your computer".... so now the agent is flat out insulting me.
 So i call back the next day, am taken through the same steps, and am told that there is an outage in my location (again about 30 minutes into the call am i told this).  So i try back six hours later, the customer service rep takes me through the same steps, but this time she tells me she wants to elevate my service ticket to "level 2".   Apparently all this means is that she is transferring me to an order center where they are going to send me a new modem.  At this point i ask, "what about the outages in my area?"  She tells me, "sir, there are no outages in your area, nor have there been, i am told instantly by our network when i confirm your earthlink account whether there are outages in your area."  What this means, is that the previous tech support agents had flat out lied to me.  They obviously did not know how to handle the situation, and therefore gave me the outage response as a means to shut me up, and get me to go away.  I told the woman to transfer me to whoever could cancel my account.  Even the process of canceling was painful.  It also took 20 minutes, and when I explained to the agent WHY i was canceling, he couldnt care less about the rude treatment and instead started some creepy, car salesman type routine where he tried to tell me earthlink could undercut any new service we went with in price.... i just about threw up, told him he completely missed the point, and dealt with the garbage of him stalling and making the process take as long as possible.  At best i was treated rudely by people who didn't give a crappity smack about me or my problem, at worst, i might have a lawsuit on my hands, as the downtime i faced was extremely harmful to my business, and Earthlinks agent admitted to me that i had been flat out lied to about the problem...
To sum up, earthlink is obviously a company which is satisfied with the customer base it has built.  I rarely, if ever, see an advertisement for earthlink's service.  Its obvious to me that earthlink is content to collect as much money from its existing customer base as they can.  its customer service is beyond pathetic, and it treats customers like an inconvenience.  good riddance to a putrid company.
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