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10/23/20 at 15:11:15
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Cable connection crawls & freezes (Read 1068 times)

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Cable connection crawls & freezes
06/02/08 at 10:13:26
Here in northern Manhattan [10040] I've used my TimeWarner TV Cable for about 4 years now and, added to an old problem, the receint constant 5 second freezes with no responce to mouse clicks and the delayed entry of typed info are driving me crazy.
While weekends are worse, we're now experiencing these delays at any time, 24/7 and, naturally, TW says it's EL's fault and visa-versa and both say [my new, well-protected PC's at fault  [without, as EL used to do in the old days, actually taking controll of my PC & examining the Registry, etc, themselves.]
These delays have increased over the past 4 to 6 months to where they are now fairly constant.  
This is on top of an old issur neither EL nor TW could fix that's plaged me from the get-go:  I don't let the PC run all day but each time I boot up to EL all works 'til apx 5min into the session when the connection freezes for 3 or 4 minutes [1/2 the modem lights stop blinking].  Then all resumes for the balance of that session.  This one EL & TW couldn't blame on my PC but each said the other had to fix it while neither did.
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