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10/23/20 at 15:50:23
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EL lies! (Read 2718 times)

Yakity yak....

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EL lies!
03/08/08 at 23:47:59
Probably no surprise to anyone trying to work with EL tech.  After many problems connect with EL remote server (via dial up) and frequent disconnections, I talked with no less than five (5) different techs, some nearly impossible to understand, none who fixed the problem.  I finally called EL to terminate my service and was give a "phone number of their VIP service line and a special PIN #" which will put me in touch with a "senior technical representative who will solve your problem."  When I called, I "grilled" the person answering if she was a "senior technical representative" and demanded to know if this was just the regular tech service line...which she said it was.  So I was right back where I started...and she could not solve the problem.
Finally she sought out a tech rep who did give me a new phone number for connecting and it has, so far, worked...sometimes.
EL's quality of service has really slipped.  When my subscription runs out, I will look elsewhere. Getting a good connection with EL depends upon the time of day (they must need to upgrade their systems) and that tech support is a crap shoot.  EL does suck.
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