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Message started by Sincentius on 10/14/09 at 16:46:47

Title: EL Sucks monkey balls
Post by Sincentius on 10/14/09 at 16:46:47

Hi my story begins a few months ago. As I can tell from reading other ppl's experiences with this lame company- that EL decided to ship old customers new modems. Now I have been with EL for 7 years- and used 1 dsl modem from them. Occasionally there would be a problem- but all I had to do was refresh the dsl modem and the router. Very rarely would there be an issue which warranted a call to customer service and if I ever did had to talk to them- they appeared to be nice and English speakers.

The first sign that something was admist was sometime in July- I woke up and turned on the computer and to surf the net- then all of a sudden I noticed there was no connection going through. So- like I have countless times before, I refreshed the router and dsl modem. Still nothing... ok.. so I powered down the computer... turned off the router and dsl.... still nothing worked. I went through this routine even kept everything off for several hours and still nothing worked. Finally, I called them

After 30 minutes of being put on hold, I finally get a human being... and to my astonishment it wasn't what you would call an "English" speaker. She sounded foreign and I imagined talking to somebody in India being payed 3 bucks an hour.

This dolt was hard to understand.. let alone "nice." She was a complete pain in the butt- and had a cocky attitude with me acting as if I was ignorant and I CAUSED the issues! I felt I was at war with a ***** that didn't know how to speak English let alone know that you need to be nice to your customers... throughout this painful phone call, the lady would constantly tell me to hold on as she punched on her keyboard as I was hearing ppl in the background laughing. I imagine a small banged up room in the middle of a hot India day in the desert with a half-broken ceiling fan rotating out of control with paint off of the walls falling a part... yeah it was a bad image ._.

Well the mechanical woman from India finally came back on the phone and after a senseless routine of checking the wires and whatnot she finally asked me something I just barely catched, "when you got  your new dsl modem, sir, did you install the cable into the back."

I was like "HUH wait... NEW dsl modem?"

Yep apparently there was a new dsl modem otw and I was suppose to have known ALL about this crap. There was no notice in the mail, no notice in their pointless email service... nothing. So all of the troubles I was having was over a new modem that they decided to send to their customers without tell them about it! So that ended the call.

The next day I got my brand spanking new dsl modem. There was no setup CD... all that there was was the unit and a power cord.

I set the thing up and noticed how small it was to the old one (which worked fine). The next week later, I noticed I couldn't connect to my wireless router... same issues as well trying to get online. Long story short- I called again and ironically got the same person (or they hire the same type of ppl and train them in the exact same way). This time around, the person was even more mechanical and again, sounded like a foreigner. I couldn't believe it. Well after another routine check of cables she runs a test through the line and says that it couldn't connect (dUR!) but then as we kept powering down stuff and reconnecting it- she says that she couldn't help me with the router... (um why???? you guys were able to do this years ago!) well I didn't want to pull out my computer and go through the issues with the wires- so I tried to open a web browser- and sure enough, magically- it was working with my router. Oh before the call ended, the woman goes into a discussion about what offers I am eligable for... I am like... I don't need or want any offers but she ignored what I said and progressed into talking about software that I didn't want or need... I even had to stop her abruptly in the middle of her sentence and say "I am not interested" She acted as if how dare I do that to her.... Eventually she finally stopped and I just ended the call. The next few days later, I get a darn Norton antivirus software in the mail by them with 30days free but 8.95 per month afterwards >.<

Then 3 days later... the issues happened again. I didn't bother to call... but after 3 grueling hours I gaveup with the dsl modem and decided to investigate online and found out that the Zyzel modem they shipped was a two-in-one (modem and router) and many other ppl had same issues as I did with these losers. So what did this mean? I couldn't use a linksys router anymore!!! So I decided enough is enough and called to cancel their service.

Again, after 30 mins of wait- I get another foreigner sounding woman... and yep you guessed she was mechanical and rude as well. I told them from the moment on that I wanted to completely close the account- I was done with them. The first thing she wanted to know was why I was leaving.... (as if I had to answer) and I said I am going to a new service... then she punches the keyboard.. and then asks again.. I gave the same answer >.>; After the discussion she then goes I am eligible for a $10 off of something and I am like, I DON'T want anything to do with EL! She practically ignored me and then said that for 2.95 a month I can keep my email.. (I own my own website and have yahoo and hotmail why the hell do I need their email account for?). only 100 words left lol - it was a painful experience & there is another story left ; ; I don't recommend EL!!!

Title: Re: EL Sucks monkey balls
Post by Sincentius on 10/14/09 at 16:59:33

The story didn't end lol

So when I called to cancel the account, and after a bombardment of offerings I didn't want to hear or do- she said that it was canceled and then I asked clearly- "when will the dsl line be closed" She was like (in her heavy accent) "7 to 10 days Sir" 7-10 DAYS?!! O___O and I already switched over to Verizon. She provided no answer nothing and then the call ended.

finally after a few days when I got another chance to call, I called them back and got another foreigner but a man this time (at that time I was convinced that Earthlink replaced all of their employees with cheap a$$ sweatshop workers from India.) and he asked me why was I canceling my account. I was like....... because of personal reasons. He shutup. Then I asked why is it taking 7-10 days why can't it be canceled NOW because now I got two dsl lines into 1 phone line and cannot connect.  Well he couldn't give me a reason and then he said that my account is SCHEDULED to expire on the 19th of oct AND it would take 3-5 days to close.. I was like, "why can't you just do 3-5 days NOW?!!" he said "Oh? you want to completely close the account." I was like "YES I WANT TO CLOSE THE ENTIRE ACCOUNT LIKE I ASKED IN THE BEGINNING DAYS AGO!!!!!"

Gawd and you want to know what he did? he transferred me to ANOTHER sales rep. LOL I guess he didn't want to deal with me and this new sales rep was yep... a foreigner speaking woman. Dunno if its the same woman.. I lost track at this point.

After another long story short- she finally "closed my account" and now I have to wait 3-5 days making this horrible experience a whopping 2 weeks without any internet all because their stupid ass new dsl modem which they didn't even tell anybody about (btw my neighbor who has EL also had the EXACT Same issue with the new modem crap and he's a computer geek)  came in and didn't like my linksys.

Again, do yourself a favor and AVOID EL! They definitely went down the toilet and they can suck monkey balls. Forum » Powered by YaBB 2.1!
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