Disappointed with your E a r t h l i n k DSL or Dial Up???!

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Do you think Earthlink sucks? Does your EL connection stall out or you get no connection at all? If you manage to even get a connection does it creep along at a slow snails pace?...

Do you get the same scripted dialogue from the EL Tech Service folks? Do they make you think the problem is YOUR computer so you've spent hours going over your computer settings trying to solve your connection issues but to no avail?

ME TOO! My story is posted below, but I would like to hear about your's as well. Maybe if enough people know about these hassles Earthlink will start getting some pressure and clean up their act...

I have now a way for you all to share your experiences to the world... and Earthstink if they care to listen. Please visit the newly opened FORUM to talk about your experiences!

I am now a very satisfied customer of the SBC - ATT DSL high speed internet service provider. Save yourself a lot of GRIEF and switch now to ANYTHING but Earthstink!

Anyway, here is my own personal pathetic Earthstink story:

When I upgraded from EL dial-up to EL DSL life was GRAND! Awesome service. Never or rarely down, good speed etc, etc.

About 3 years into my EL DSL service (around April of 2006) I started to notice a slowing and stalling problem with my service. I thought maybe my computer was just getting slow etc. so I cleaned up my computer, reconfigured everything etc, etc. Finally I could not hold a connection. I would be on and the connection would "stall out". I would re-boot/recycle my EL DSL modem and that would usually do it.

I finally took the time to "live chat" with a Tech at EL. After many re-configurations and attempts (and 45 minutes later) I was able to get what appeared to be better results. I say "appeared" because soon the next day it was back to the usual reboot/recycle the modem until I could get a connection.

Finally it got to the point where I could not hold a connection and I was spending probably 50% of my internet time on DIAL UP because I could not get a DSL connection. I also started taking note of the times of the day when I could not connect. YES THAT'S IT! It appeared to me that during "peak times" I could not get or hold a connection, or it was at a snails pace.


I went through the live chat's with the Tech's FOUR TIMES and they all walked me through the SAME CRAP even though they have in their notes that ALL THE RECONFIGURING CRAP had already been tried. I suggested that their system was over loaded - NO COMMENT OR RESPONSE. I requested that they come and test my phone/hard line to the house. On my last live chat that is what the tech agreed need to happen but the service call NEVER HAPPENED.

What once was a great service provider was now obviously down the tubes. To top it off on my last month of DSL service with EL I used the dial up so much I was charged extra for "overages"... even though 3 hours of that dial up was with live chat with EL TECH!!!

I was so pissed I just had to laugh! I was beaten, they won... but they have LOST MY BUSINESS FOREVER! I give up...
So what did I do? I switched to SBC YAHOO DSL (for half the price!) and so far it has performed FLAWLESSLY! Obviously there is nothing wrong with my incoming data line! By the way, I had to endure the same connection problems during the final 2 weeks of EL dial up while I waited for my new DSL service to kick in - PUNKS!

I like to give any business a fair shake, but this has been ridiculous. The reason I have posted this page is because I wanted to let other people know that their EL connection problems are not unique and if your EL service area is overtaxed YOU WILL NEVER HEAR THEM ADMIT IT!.

My advice if you are having problems: GET ANOTHER SERVICE PROVIDER. Do not waste as much time as I did trying to give them a second, third and fourth chance to clear up their service problems!

If you have similar stories I would like to hear from you. I would like to collect information about their poor service and also the try to track the geographical areas of poor service. Please post your stories on the FORUM - thanks!

As for me I've moved to SBC DSL service. ATT DSL service is the same I think.

Yes, in my opinion EARTHLINK SUCKS!

Thank you for taking the time to hear my sorry experience.